Before and after pics 4 week apart for actual cient

He gained weight but lost 2 inches and went down 5% in body fat

Client: How can I be gaining weight? I’m working my ass off.

Me: Muscle weighs more than fat, and while you are burning fat you are also gaining muscle on this program.

Client: But I remember feeling so good 20 lbs lighter than I am now.

Me: How do you feel now?

Client: I feel great. I’m stronger, leaner, and happier.

Me: Weight is only a variable. Stop making losing weight as the end goal. Losing weight should NEVER be the end goal if you are doing resistance training.

Every Man Fit's Body Fat Calculator showing client results

Lawrence’s body far composition on June 22, 2018 (left) compared to July 20, 2018 (right)


I previously posted about Lawrence who under my guidance just finished the 4 week program outlined my my book, Fat Burning Secrets. The results are astonishing. You read that headline correctly. He gained 8 pounds, but he lost 2 inches around his waist and he went down 5% in body fat. The results are real. Make them real for you by getting the book.

Fat Burning Secrets

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