Don’t Give Up Your Favorite Foods to Eat Healthily

I know, you love pizza, wine, beer, and chocolate (or, insert your favorite food here). I’ve never been a proponent of giving up your favorite foods to be healthy, and you don’t have to. I still enjoy my favorite foods. In fact, I ate the below pizza Friday night with a couple of glasses of a Shiraz from Chile.

The pizza and wine tasted fantastic, by the way. The reason it tasted so good is that I do not have pizza daily. As with anything in life, if you eat it or do it every day, you don’t appreciate it nearly as much. Scarcity = greater appreciation.

What I do on a consistent basis is eat a strict diet Monday through Friday, and then I can relax my diet a little Friday night through Sunday. That includes Pizza, chocolate, and wine. Please be advised I’m certainly not advising binge eating or drinking. Don’t go overboard, but do enjoy.

Following a regiment where you eat healthily the majority of the time and relax a little will give your metabolism a little shock and actually help keep you from plateauing in body fat use for energy. Your body, however, will remember what you do consistently. Anthony Robbin’s quote can also be applied to eating healthily:

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

― Anthony Robbins

Once you change to a regiment like this, you will notice the following benefits:

  1. Increased use of body fat for energy consumption resulting in lower body fat and greater weight loss.
  2. Greater appreciation of those foods you choose to eat less often.
  3. The foods you crave will change for healthier choices.

All of the above changes will occur faster and will be more dramatic if you have a consistent exercise routine in place, too. Good health is no accident, but it certainly is not rocket science.  It’s just a matter of prioritizing. Good health is never more important and harder to gain than when you are ill.

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Good Health is the Greatest Wealth,


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