The Perfect Human Diet - Movie Banner

The Perfect Human Diet – Movie Review

I don’t usually do movie reviews on my fitness blog, but this documentary is based on new technology that provides scientific…

Fruits & Vegetables: We Are Carbohydrates, Too!

I’m on a no-carb diet. I have heard no less than 5 times in the last 30 days someone talking or…

Top 10 Health Tips You Should Start Today

Let’s be honest, there are no quick fixes when it comes to health. Being healthy is a life choice,…


What is Gluten and Why Is It Bad For You?

Jimmy Fallon’s video pokes fun at those who claim to follow a “gluten free” diet,  yet…

sit up

Can You Target Fat Loss?

As a follow up to my last post, “How Our Bodies Burn Fat”, a…

Fitness woman pinching fat

How Our Bodies Burn Fat

The quick and short answer is our bodies burn fat when we expend more calories than we consume, but…

Pre-cooked seasoned chicken breasts

Preparing Meals in Advance is Key to Healthy Food Choices

So you want to eat healthily, but it’s hard. When somebody tells me it’s hard, I always say, “If…

Foods that cause inflammation

Is Your Diet Causing You To Age Prematurely?

You’ve heard it’s true, but maybe you don’t know how diet affects aging exactly. If our diet…

Cafe Mocha

Love Your Cafè Mocha? Try this as a Healthy Replacement

One of my favorite coffee drinks is a Cafè Mocha, but count the calories and you will cringe….

Grilled to perfection

EMF’s Grilled Lemon Kick’n Chicken

Want a tasty, low-fat and low-sodium recipe for grilled chicken? This is really good and a little spicy. I…

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