Body Hacking

Count Macronutrients Not Calories For Better Results

Making the commitment to lose weight will be the first step in a long process.  The next step is determining a daily calorie allowance that will elicit weight loss desired.  This is where things can become a little murky. It would seem like simply reducing the number of calories that are consumed during the day would be the most logical and ... Read More »

Qualia Supplement Review: 9 Months

It’s been 6 months since I’ve reviewed Qualia. When I posted my initial review of Qualia in April, I had been taking the supplement for only two months. I thought it was time to provide an update. Qualia helps me focus and not let procrastination get the best of me. I feel like it opens up another dimension in which I can ... Read More »

3 Great Reasons You Need To Try Cryotherapy

Benefits of cryotherapy

Anytime you are participating in an exercise program to improve your health, get stronger, or improve your sports performance, it’s important to push yourself and not just coast through.  The key to training success is being able to recover in time for your next session.   Cryotherapy is one of the fastest growing methods of training recovery being used by ... Read More »